Our colleagues from Turkey held a multipliers event on the 7 of December, in Istanbul, Turkey. Hosted by TOG Global Affairs Department, the event represented a day of workshops for youth leaders on democratic leadership and participation within national-level youth organizations. The aim of the workshops was to addresses the need for structured change in youth organizations in order to encourage youth participation and democracy.

The activities organized during the day focused on:

– Conceptualizing Youth Participation, Decision Making, Democracy and Leadership terms;

– Exploring which mechanisms exist or could be developed for leadership training in youth organizations;

– Exchanging tools for conducting effective training on democratic decision making and leadership in youth organizations.

As part of the workshop, the participants were presented with the Honeycomb Project and its outcomes, followed by a brainstorming on youth participation, democracy, leadership, decision making and presentations. One of the sessions addressed the implementation of the stakeholder-ngo-youth negotiation workshop from the Training Course in Macedonia.

The publication of the research and the training-kit can be downloaded HERE.

Some photos of the event below (click to enlarge):